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Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas

At Jan 04, 2023 at 10.20 lt the anchor was out and I was underway. First I had to pass trough the “ Barge Channel “ . This ends in a lock. The passage trough the channel went oke. Near the lock I had to wait till the boats coming from the other side trough the lock were out.

While in the lock waiting for the doors on the other side to be opened I saw two dolphins swimming around in the lock. Once the water level in the lock was level with that on the outside the doors opened and I could go out. But before going out to the ocean there was one more bridge to be opened. But that when fast and I was in the Harbor of Port Canaveral heading for the ocean to make my way to the north of the Bahamas.

Once on the open sea the sails went up and I was slowly heading out. But the wind was weak and after 15 minutes it dropped nearly till zero so the iron sail had to take over otherwise we would end on some shallow parts. But just as I had passed the outer tip of that the wind came back and of we went under full sail. The wind was south What made that I had to go with the sail tight and close to the wind. Around 22.00 the outside temperature went up and according the position I was in the gulf stream . And the gulf stream can run up to 2,5 north from the south and yes it was pushing us north but the speed of Mylady was good and we made good progress east north east. By 04.00 lt I noticed that we were going more east and even east , south , east. This gave me the impression that we had passed the Gulf Stream . And an other thing what was happening was that the wind slowly turned more westerly and we could steer a southerly course. I didn’t do a thing because the Aries wind vane was steering the boat and while the wind direction changed to heading of Mylady changed also . Daylight came and we were sailing along nicely direction north Abacos , Bahamas.

By the end of the afternoon , early evening the wind had turned back to the south and I was more heading east. I went about and made a tack with the sail over the other side. In the mean time a big black cloud was slowly coming near from the north and suddenly the rain was there and the wind shifted 180 dgr but luckily stayed calm. I took the foresail nearly all in and let the boat go. The good thing about the rain was that all the salt was washed from the boat. By midnight the rain was gone and the wind back from the north but very weak and after half an hour completely gone. I motored for more the an hour before the wind came back and I could sail again. And once the wind was back it was good sailing under a nice clear blue sky. I sailed on to a anchor spot behind “ Upper Fish Cay “ where I was on anchor around 15.45 lt , Jan 06. I cleared the boat and took a nice cool welcome beer . That night I slept very good.

The next day I sailed till an anchorage near Crab Cay. There were more boats on anchor but I found a good spot and dropped the hook just before it was dark. The next day I stayed here just to take a rest and it was weekend anyhow. On Monday morning early I went to an anchor spot near Green Turtle village.

There I went ashore to find out where I could the formalities fro the check in. Near the waterfront I met a lady who took me to a small restaurant and there I was told I had to go to Green Turtle marina in White Sound what is a inlet just near. I thanked them for the info and went back on board. Once back on board a squall hit with a strong wind and lots of rain. I waited till that was gone before I moved to an other anchor spot near White Sound. There I took my dinghy in. The marina told me that the custom lady would be there at 12.00. Together with some other people we waited. Once the customs was there and it was my turn I was told that the only way to check in was online , by by come back tomorrow. I went back to the boat and brought her into White Sound and dropped anchor there.

After the boat was oke I went ashore and did the whole check in using the good Wi-Fi from the marina. It took a few hours but I got it done including the payment of $ 150 us dollar for a cruising licence of 3 months. The next day at 09.00 the custom officer was there and I told here all was done. But the lady made again lots of trouble , this time about my ships certificate. She treated me with the police because I wanted to know what was wrong . Oke it took a while but at the end I got my 3 months stamp in my passport and my cruising licence. Once back on board I pulled the dinghy on deck and made the boat ready and left straight away. Outside there was not much wind but enough to have a nice sail. By the end of the afternoon the wind was gone and I was motoring once again. I was heading for Marsh Harbour but that was still 2 hours away . I had a look in the chart and saw a good spot for the night and 15 minutes later the anchor was in and I was set for the night.

The next morning there was no wind at all. I fired up the iron sail and was heading for Marsh harbour. There I dropped anchor 2 hours later. After I was settled I made the dinghy ready. Before heading ashore I went to a boat anchored next to me and asked where to put my dinghy. Where to buy a SIM card for my mobile and if there was a supermarket. All questions were answered and of I went. I got all done that afternoon and by the end of the afternoon I was invited by my neighbour for a sundowner and so the day ended good.

I have not many pictures from Marsh Harbour because it is not much. It is sand and more sand and there are still enough buildings that are heavily damage from the hurricanes that past the last few years.

Pictures I took while heading for the storm spot. The picture on the right shows what was to see ashore, yes not much.

I stayed two nights before moving on to a safe spot to ride out the north westerly gale that coming. I went to the south side of Marsh Harbour where I found a good spot. The wind was max 30 knots and lasted 24 hours but Mylady was fine.

After two days there I moved on further south to the area near Little Harbour bay.

St Augustine till Cape Canaveral

After the anchor was safe in I made the dinghy ready to go ashore for the next day . That evening I stayed on board . The next day after the normal coffee and breakfast I went ashore . From where I was anchored it was a bit of a ride.

I went for a walk trough what is the centre and it was only tourist shops and restaurants and tourists. It is an old town and a beautiful place and it was around Christmas and New Year so it was not a surprise to see so many people. While walking a bit of the centre I found a gas station with a good price for diesel and I found a bank where I draw cash for the Bahamas.

After I had seen it all I went back on board and had something for lunch and then took my diesel jerrycan and the trolley and went after more diesel. The difference in price with the marina was 1,30 us dollar per gallon.

That evening I stayed on board and took it easy after all the walking. Yes my condition is not to bad with all that walking. The next day I went ashore again for more diesel and to have a shower. Sailing friends who were moored in the marina had a key for the shower .

That evening I went ashore to have a look at all the Christmas light and it was beautiful done specially on the main square.

The next day I left St Augustine for Daytona Beach . That was along long passage . By the time I was there I had clocked 48 nm . When you come in Daytona Beach from the north you see a lot of bridges , It is an amazing thing to see. I found a good anchor spot and around 16.30 the anchor was down and a beer out.

My sailing friends – Lance and Shawna – from sv Minerva where moored in a marina not to far from me.

The next morning I went over to them. Together with Lance I walked to a car rental place where he picked up a car. With the car we went to Walmart. There I did some more shopping and Lance did real big shopping. The next morning I went over to them again and we went to the Flea / Farmers market.

After walking around there we went back to there boat . Together with Shawna I went one more time to Walmart. With this shopping Mylady was real full . Back to there boat we had a chat and a drink before I went back to Mylady . After all was packed away I made something to eat and had that together with a beer.

The next morning I left early and had plans to make it in one go to Titusville. But around 11.30 I pasted “New Smyrna Beach “ I hit the breaks.

I remembered this lovely place from a few years back and thought why not have a look again. By the beginning of the afternoon I went ashore and walked trough the main street. I remembered that there was a place who sold “ Coopers home brew beer “ kits but could not find them . On my back down the main street I stopped in front of the “ Brewery “ and thought yes time for a beer . While I was there I had a taste of several kind of beers and met a bunch of wonderful people. Yes a good place for the last day of the year.

The next morning I left for Titusville. That was not a very long ride and the weather was nice and warm . Titusville is Rocket town. From there you can see the rockets they launch from Cape Canaveral. I anchor there on the anchorage what is a bit way out because the good spot is a big mooring field.

Titisville centre .

The next morning I took the local bus to a hardware shop who topped up my propane bottle. And believe it or not but I did a little bit of shopping to fill up the last bit of space that still was on Mylady . The second day that I was there I went ashore in the USA for the last time this trip. I walk around and bought at the bakery some nice stuff . Once on board I made the whole boat ready for the jump to the Bahamas. At 12.30 I left and moved 14 nm further south , closer to the

“Barge Channel “what ends in Port Canaveral and then out in the ocean.

Now it is 03 January 2023 and tomorrow I will leave for the Bahamas.

The last bridge in the ICW for me . And you see they building a big one.

St Marys till Pine Island

Cumberland Island as I saw it when I left .

After I was safe on anchor I took it easy and didn’t go ashore any more that day. The next day after the coffee and breakfast I rowed shore in my dinghy. I anchored not to far from the shore so it was easy to row ashore instead of using the outboard. There were jetties and I tied up the dinghy there . After that was done the exploration of St Marys started.

A few years back I was here also so I knew the place a bit . And in this kind of villages not much changed . And yes in the main street were still the same shops . Unfortunately there isn’t any grocery shop only a very small one and they have not a lot . I also made a stop at the towns “ Welcome Centre “ and got some information regarding the village and where to find the big shops . Yes a bit far out of town. The rest of the morning I walk a bit around in the beautiful village what is full of history. The next few days I took it easy and did some boat jobs and went to the shore every afternoon . In the little park on the waterfront people were busy decorating Christmas tree’s . One afternoon I made a chat with some people who were busy decorating one of the tree’s. They told me that all the tree’s were sponsored and all the many went to a charity program . There was no competition involved at all . This same week I was able to get an appointment with a good local dentist for the next week on Tuesday.

On Saturday morning there was Farmers market held at the waterfront and of course I went there to have look. There was only artistic stuff but no veggies or something like that. While there I had a chat with a couple who were selling stuff made by the woman. When I asked them about the shops he offered me to bring me there so I could do my shopping and then driving me back . And so I did some big shopping.

Once back on board I had the big job to stow all I bought . That same evening it was busy in park and went over to see what was going on . The event was the official lightning of all the tree’s.

That Sunday the wind was pretty strong together with rain so I did this and that on board.

Monday the weather improved a lot and it was a nice sunny day. But the temperature had dropped a lot and it was real cold specially in the night. On Tuesday I was up early and walked the 50 minutes to the dentist. He pulled two teeth out. Afterwards I went to the nearby second-hand shop and bought three pair of good pants and a pair of good sandals for 18 dollar. Around 14.00 I was back on board and had a rest and took something against the pain. On Friday I took my little trolley and left for supermarket . I also took the propane bottle with me . I was not that long underway when I met a couple and we started to chat . The men offered to bring me to the shops and so he did . The 4 mile , about one hour walking I did easy going . On Sunday I was up early and at 09.00 lt I left for nearby Fernandina Beach . I could sail a big piece of this trip but I used only the foresail.

The factory you pass on your way to Fernandina . Yes only one picture of the town . I thought I would come back the next day but I didn’t.

At 11.15 It was safe at anchor . I took my last coffee and made something for lunch . At 13.00 I was ashore . This town is a very touristic place . I walked to bank at the end of the main street and then turned right where should be a gas station . While walking there I saw a sign of a distillery and it was free tasting . Yes I went in and had a good time . The young lady behind the bar gave a very good explanation about all she served. I found the gas station later but they didn’t sell diesel.

I had planned to stay a few days there but changed my mind due to the upcoming weather. It would be windy and raining . I left and made it to the free docks .

When I arrived there was just a spot for Mylady left . There I stayed three day’s before heading on to an beautiful anchor spot behind Pine Island .

There you see land hear lots of different birds . The surroundings are beautiful and very peaceful and the holding for the anchor is very good.

After three days there I left for St Augustine what is also a very touristic town. About this place more in my next post.

Sailing off shore from Beaufort NC to Cumberland Island, Georgia.

The last post ended that I was leaving he Intra Coastal Waterway trough the inlet near Beaufort NC and heading south . The sun was out but the swell from the strong southerly winds from the days before was still there. And when I slowly was come out on the ocean Mylady started her dance on the swell . Yes Mylady likes that and she was doing well . Of course the speed was low. Every time we picked up a bit speed a big wave stopped it . But we made progress on a course that was close hauled . Slowly the coast disappeared and slowly it became dark but there still a bit wind. The swell in the mean time was down . By 17.30 the wind was gone and the iron sail had to do the job for a while. While cruising along on the iron sail I made something to eat. It was a stew from veggies and brown beans . The sunset was beautiful .

I had planned to go to the inlet to “ George Town “ and drop anchor somewhere there for the whole Wednesday. There was a strong southerly predicted for that day. But at late afternoon on that day it would turn back to NW what was good for me. The prediction was 25 knots max and I thought , that is not to much I can handle that so why going on anchor . A so I continued going south. By 22.00 the wind pick up again and the sails could do the job again and the iron sail got a rest. Luckily for me the wind , as predicted didn’t turn to the SE but stayed more easterly and the whole night I made good progress going south.

On Wednesday morning I was just south of Charleston and then the wind increased and turned more southerly. And it increased more and in no time I had the 2 nd reef in the main sail and the foresail more then half rolled in . The wind indicator gave in gusts 40 knots of wind what is a lot and the sea became also pretty rough. But boat and skipper did still well. The progress going south was not that good any more but we did not went back. I had to sail against the wind , close hauled. I did one tack towards the land and then went about to the open sea. Then I noticed the was turning a bit and I went about again but the wind was playing tricks with me and I went back were I just came from . So I went about again and continued going to sea. During the day I did not made much progress in the right direction but didn’t loose anything either.

Here is my track while the wind was a gale . You can see I didn’t made much progress. I have no pictures while the wind was blowing. To make those then mmmm not easy to do.

By the end of the afternoon the wind turned more and more to the NW and there I went south towards the inlet of st Marys as it is called. The rest of the sail was a nice one. The outside temperature went up and up.

The last evening just before it was dark I had a whole group of dolphins playing in front of the boat. It were big and small bottle nose dolphins. Is is always wonderful to see those animals . And I even could hear them making that typical sound they make.

Around 20.00 I was at the beginning of the fare way of the inlet of st Marys. If it had been daylight I could have take a shorter route in. But that been over parts were it was only 4 meters deep and the swell was still there. And on shallow water you then get breakers and in the dark you don’t see all of that. So I stayed in the fare way what is 10 meter deep . And under only the the foresail I sailed here nearly completely in. It went nice and easy and it was a nice not difficult sail. There were many markers with lights. I decided to go behind Cumberland Island to drop anchor there . The last bit into the creek behind Cumberland Island had no markers but then the electronic chart was again an perfect instrument . You can see instantly where you are . At 23.35 the anchor was safe set , I cleared a few things and then it was time for the well earned welcome beer.

The next morning after the coffee and breakfast I cleared the rest of the deck. And made the dinghy ready so I could go ashore. That I did around noon . It was not allowed to tie up your dinghy to the ferry dock . You had to pull it up the beach and then clime up the wall . Oke I found a reasonable spot near the boat . Once up I went for a walk over the island.

I first walked over to the beach on the other side of the island. Going there you go trough a very interesting forest . The beach is wide and very long and I walked a small part of it . Then I went back to where my dinghy was . From there I walked to south of the island. There are the ruins from a big house. Very interesting to see and to read on all the information what the house was about . By 17.00 just before it became dark I was back on board . I stayed 4 more days there on anchor and did one more big walk on the island. The whole time I was there it was nice warm sunny weather .

On December 06 I picked up the anchor. The wind was light but enough to sail only on the foresail and making a slow but nice gently speed I made my way to the anchorage of St Marys. There I was safe at anchor around 16.00 Lt . I decided that here I would stay for a while. More about it in the next post.

From Great Bridge to Oriental and out on the ocean going south.

After I passed the bridge at “Great Bridge” is was only the engine that gave us progress. Some faster boats passed me. But the fun was that they had to wait at the next bridge because the bridge tender saw me coming and waited for me with opening the bridge. The same story happened with bridge number 3 but that was the last one for this day.

While still in canal I had a strong wind from a good direction so of went the engine and I rolled out the foresail and sailed along very well . Later I was on a lake but you had stick very good to the canal that they made . Next the canal it was very shallow. First I continued sailing but the wind dropped and I could not make good progress in order to reach a good anchor spot. The foresail I took in and the iron sail had to do the job again . After this open area there was a canal again and I thought to drop anchor after that. But I didn’t and continued going across Albemarle sound that evening . Years ago I never moved in the dark in the ICW but now with the electronic charts it is easy. After I had crossed the sound I found a good spot to drop the hook at 22.45 for that night . After I was set and the deck cleared a bit it was time for a beer. And that one tasted very good.

The next morning the alarm went of at 06.00 and at 07.30 I was underway again . Close to the anchorage I had the first bridge. I had to wait a little while before it opened. After the bridge the sails went out and up and I had a beautiful sail up the Alligator River . That is a wide piece of water but there you also have to stay in the canal what is marked. At 13.30 I entered the Alligator – Pungo River Canal .

The first part is 8,5 nautical straight and then a bend and an other 8,5 nm straight. I passed here already a few times and always I could sail it but not now. But the weather was oke. The very last bit was in the dark and at 18.15 lt the anchor was in.

The next morning I took it a bit easy and enjoy the surroundings from the anchorage where I was. Around noon I picked up the hook and made my way to the harbour of Bellhaven. That was only 2 hours by engine . Yes the wind was not there at all. At 14.40 the anchor was in and about an hour later I was ashore.

Bellhaven is a small village and when I was there it was peaceful and not many people around. But it is typically a summer place. There are some souvenir shops in the main street .I walk around a bit and went back aboard before dark. On google maps I saw that at about 20 minutes walking a supermarket from “ Foodlion “ was. The next morning I took my bag and the trolley and made my way to the supermarket. I bought fresh veggies and some other stuff. Of course I bought a bit to much and had to puzzle to get everything packed but I got it done. After the supermarket I made a stop at the nearby gas station and bought petrol and diesel . With the load I started my way back to the dinghy .

I was only a little bit underway when a car stopped and asked if I was a cruiser on a yacht and if I wanted a ride to the harbour. And so the way back with everything went a bit easier. The men in the truck was a local cruiser so he know what it was to go shopping. Back on board I packed everything away and took something to eat. Then I wrote the postcards I had bought the day before and went back ashore.

At the little shop named “ the Cosy Mermaid “ they would take care of the sending of the cards. But while I was there I bought a Christmas present for my sister and her partner. The lady in the shop made a phone call to the post office in order to find out what it would cost to send all of it. But it didn’t became clear . So she phoned her husband who came and drove me to the post ofiice . I only mailed the cards and he brought me back . What a bunch of friendly people in this lovely village. One day I will be back there .

On November 24 at 07.30 the anchor was out and I was underway to Oriental.

Fishing boats moored half way the canal .

And there was wind although it was light I could sail. Till the entrance of the canal I could sail and then the iron sail had to do the job . I tought to drop anchor after the canal but then the wind a good breeze , the sun was still out so I continued and sailed al the way to Oriental . There I entered in the dark and with the advice from an other boat I found a good anchor spot. The next morning there was space at free dock no 2 on the south side . There was enough water for Mylady and I tied up there . Besides the yachts there are also some big fishing boats moored there . And two of them were next to where I was moored. On Sunday there was a very strong southerly wind but I was fine due to the big boats .

Oriental is a bit bigger then Bellhaven but the bigger shops are way out of town. But the village itself is a beautiful one with nice big houses. Yes also here I will come back.

I stayed in Oriental till November 28. I left again very early with destination Beaufort , NC. While heading there I saw on the weather forecast that the wind was oke to go out on the ocean and make my way south that way.

The last bridge just before I went out on the ocean. This bridge is near Morehead City .

And so around 11.30 I was out on the ocean going south. More about that voyage in the next post.

Going south trough Chesapeake Bay and Intra Coastal Waterway

After a good night at the anchorage at southern tip of Kent Island I left from there at 07.30. The wind had picked up till 20 knots with gusts up to 30 knots. I started with only the main sail with two reefs in and a small foresail. But the gusts were sometimes over 30 knots and going downwind the self steering could not keep the boat on course . After an hour I lowered the main and continued only on the genua . And only on that sail I could make 5 to 6 knots . It was sunny but due to the strong northerly wind very fresh . I decided to go all the way to Reedville on the Wicomico river . In the afternoon the wind decreased and around 15.00 I was sailing under full sails . The entrance to the river was a bit tricky and I arrived there in the dark . But there were enough buoys with a light on it and the electronic chart was a winner . I could see instant where I was . If it had been daylight I would have sailed in but now in the dark and shallow banks on both sides I used the engine and had the sails down . All went fine and at 21.10 Lt on 08 November I was safe on anchor. I cleared the deck and took a welcome beer . It had been a rough but very good sailing day.

The next day I picked up the anchor and made my way by engine to the anchorage near the village . While going to the village I pasted the fish factory and mmmm “ nice “ smell came from it .

Anyhow I found a good anchor spot near the village. I prepared the dinghy and went ashore to have a look. Reedville is bigger in area then the one long street near the harbour but that is what I saw. There was at the end one souvenir shop and near the harbour two restaurants both closed. So not much going on at all. The next day I stayed on anchor there and took it easy. On Thursday I picked up the anchor and made my way with a light wind up the river.

I went to an anchor spot where I was good for the gale force southerly wind the next day. And yes the wind was strong but where I was it was light to moderate. But the rain was heavy. At the end of the day the water tank was full and all buckets also. On Saturday morning the sun was out and the wind westerly. I picked up the anchor and had a nice and gently sail back in the direction of the anchorage near the village. While I was there a few other boats came and stayed there on anchor.

On Monday afternoon Monique arrived. I had contact trough the internet with Monique for nearly two years already and now I was somewhere where she could visit me and finally meeting me. She had driven 3,5 hour from her home to meet me. Of course we went to the boat and her little lovely dog came with us. At the end of the afternoon we went ashore and went to a nice Mexican restaurant. The next morning Monique took me to a supermarket so I could do some big shopping and at a gas station I bought diesel. After we had all of it out of her car we said goodbye and she took of for an other long ride home and I brought all the shopping on board.

On November 16 at 07.30 the anchor was out and I was once again underway in southern direction. It was a nice sailing day and I made good progress. But this time I was on anchor before it was dark. I dropped anchor at New Point Comfort anchorage. It was just against as possible to the coast and with good protection for the westerly wind that would be there the next morning .

The next morning the anchor was out after my morning coffee and breakfast and I was underway to Portsmouth / Norfolk . The sailing was very good but it was very fresh. I had enough layers on to stay warm .

At 15.00 lt that day I was alongside at the free dock and to my surprise I was the only boat that was there. That same afternoon I went for a walk in Portsmouth what is a nice old place and had a coffee in a nice coffee shop. The lady there told me about the live music in the irish pub in Norfolk . The next day around noon I took the ferry to Norfolk and walked around for 2 hours before returning . And in the evening I took the ferry again and went to the Irish pub and yes they had good very good live Irish music . I had a few pints of real guinesss of course. Around 23.30 I left to be in time for the last ferry at 23.45 . Yes it was a good and very nice evening out and I chat with a few people among them two of the band people.

On Saturday morning the farmers market was held in Portsmouth and had a look and but some stuff .

At 10.35 that morning I slipped the lines and went up the Intra Coastal Waterway in a southern direction . This first run was only 2 hours and at 14.20 lt I moored at the free dock in Great Bridge . There I did some big shopping again like diesel and Kerosene. The next morning at 06.30 my alarm went of and I started to make coffee what was ready in half an hour . I took a cup and after that made the boat ready . At 07.45 I called the Great Bridge highway bridge to tell them I wanted to pass at 08.00 . And at that time I passed and continued my trip south on the ICW.

Sailing down Chesapeake Bay

After I left Chesapeake City I motored for 2 hours before dropping anchor . I already nearly passed that anchor spot because I thought I can make before dark an bit more south. But then I though “ why “ so I turned and dropped anchor at 16.45 lt on October 30 . The surroundings were due to the autumn colours beautiful . A bit from where I was there was one other boat on anchor. By the time I left the next morning that boat was already gone. Again there was not a drop of wind so I to burn some more diesel to come south.

At 17.00 lt the anchor was in again just past the village of Betterton. Again the colours of the surroundings were amazing.

The next morning I left a bit early and there was even a nice wind from the NW. But from the the anchorage till I was around Howell Point the wind was gone again. I went to the next bay “ Still Pond “ and dropped anchor there in the south part. By that time it was 14.00 lt. The weather was nice , the wind to much . But the picked up while a rain shower past . After that had past the wind , although not to strong , was still there and the prediction was that there would 10 knots from NE for the night. After reading that I started the engine and left . Out in the bay there was a nice breeze and I made 3 knots in the good direction. Yes not that fast but oke. I planned to continue till the entrance of the Chester River. The sailing went oke nearly the whole way . One time underway I started the engine because the wind dropped and suddenly came back straight on the nose but only for a little while and the last 45 min the wind was gone. I dropped anchor near ” Love Point ” .

The next morning I could sail for the first part up the river but then the wind was straight ahead so I had blow diesel again all the way to Chestertown.

There I dropped anchor near the town marina and the holding was good in the normal Chesapeake Bay mud. After arrival I cleared the boat and launched the dinghy and went ashore for a walk.

Chestertown is a very pretty village . In the main street are some shops and restaurants. I had arrived on Wednesday 02 November and I saw signs mentioning that there would be a farmers market on Saturday . For me a good reason to stay . On Thursday I took my little trolley again and walk 1,8 mile to the big supermarket and did some big shopping . After I had pay and again outside it took me a while to pack everything so it fitted the trolley and my bags but it worked out oke. I had done a “ few “ times before as you will understand.

Back on board I packed all away and also that is a puzzle on itself . And you have to remember where you stow it. On Friday evening I went ashore to go to a pizza place with the name “ B.A.D. There they had wood burned pizza’s . And I could say the pizza I had was oke but the dessert even better. Don’t ask me what the dessert was but it was good. They also had some nice local brewed beer.

On Saturday morning I was at 10.00 on the farmers market . It was a small market in High Street and there were enough people to give it some live. On a spot just next to that market was a separate market for none food items.

On Sunday I took it easy and made the boat ready to go on the “ road “ again . But before I took the dinghy on deck I went for an other walk trough the village . I real enjoyed to visit this village. On Monday morning at 08.00 the anchor was out and I was on the move again. I had to motor a big part from the river but when the river got wider I could sail . The last part the wind was light but is was doable to sail .

Once I past “ Love Point “ I could turn south . After a while I could pass the “ William P. Lane JR . Memorial Bridges “ . It was magic with the sun very low and a nice breeze to pas this very big bridge .

The locals cal it “ the Bay Bridge “ . After the bridge the wind dropped a bit what gave me time to eat my dinner . Just before it got dark the wind picked up again. I had picked a anchor spot that was good for the strong northerly wind what would come during the night . I made it safe to that anchorage on the southern tip of Kent Island and at 21.15 the hook was safe in and for me it was time for a beer. From here I would sail a long stretch south but more about that in the next post.

Port Washington to Chesapeake City ( incl. passage trough New York City )

The trip from Port Jefferson to Port Washington was an easy downwind one. It was overcast and there was rain on and off. The last few miles I did only on the genua. It was a more narrow passage and there was some big shipping around. When I was approaching a buoy from the other side came a big barge with a tug pushing it. They called me on the VHF to make sure that we would pass starboard to starboard. And I answered positive. In this case the AIS did what it should do and they could see me on there screens and could call me by my boat name .

Port Washington is a big bay . And the anchorage mentioned in the chart is one big mooring field but never mind I found a good anchor spot just next to the field. The next day I stayed there . It was still nasty weather and the time for the current regarding the passage trough New York City was not that good. The next morning – Tuesday October 25 – the alarm went at 06.30 and I put kettle on for the coffee. Looking outside I saw that the world around me was very small due to thick fog. But after the coffee and breakfast at 08.00 the anchor was out and I was on my way to New York City. The visibility was still bad but with the radar and electronic chart it was not a big problem but from seeing anything from around me , no that was not possible.

I passed two bridges and saw a tiny little bit of them. The big thing from this passage was the current. There is one spot with the nice name “ Hell Gate “ the current can run up to 6 knots. The previous days I had a good look at the tables and saw that I had to be there at 10.30 to get hardly any current. And I was spot on there at that time and had a good passage. From there I saw something from the city. There was some other water traffic mainly ferries but nothing was a problem. When I was near “ the Liberty statue “ the fog cleared and I could see the statue.

I continued to the anchorage near “ Atlantic Highlands “ . Luckily there a bit room left next to mooring field where I could anchor. By the time I was there the fog was gone and it was sunny. But on and of the fog came back. The next day I stayed there till midnight .

By that time the west wind was there and the current near Sandy Hook would be good. From Sandy Hook all the way to Cape May anchorage I had good wind from the west and it was also nice and sunny. I went in at Cape May to drop the hook to get some sleep before heading on up Delaware Bay. The anchorage was pretty full but I found a spot and was good and safe at anchor at 23.30 lt on 27 October. I opened a beer and took it easy. Next morning at 06.00 the alarm went of and at 07.00 I was underway again . The wind in Delaware a strong westerly . The boat got a wash down from the water what came over the boat from the waves we dived in . But the sun was out and Mylady had lots of fun with the good going. Here I Delaware Bay you have to keep a good eye on the chart because there are enough shallow spots. I had the sail up pre-paired good and marked all the dangers good .

At 14.00 I dropped the hook on a spot what would be oke for the night. From this spot it was only 12 nautical mile to Delaware – Chesapeake Canal. But if I would go on now I would have to full current in the canal against me. So it was enough for today tomorrow there would be a next day.

The next day I didn’t need to make a early start so I took my time for my coffee and breakfast. At 10.00 lt I was underway again under a blue sky with a nice sunshine. The wind was light and on the nose so the engine had to do the job. The passage trough the canal went good and at 14.10 I tied at the town dock in Chesapeake City alongside the catamaran “ Moxie Cat “ . It was a bit tricky to come alongside this boat due to current that makes me going all over the place. But I managed and Tonny the skipper from the catamaran was a friendly skipper and took my lines so I could tie up Mylady.

Chesapeake City is a typical tourist place. But it is a nice small village with lots of historic buildings. And near most of the houses and building there are signs with a text with the history of that particular house. While chatting with Tonny he told me about the big Halloween party that would held in the bar just next to the boat. Yes you understand that was a very good reason to visit that party . And I could say it was a nice and good party with a good band playing all kind of music.

On Sunday October 30 I had to wait for the current in Canal to turn but at 15.00 lt I slipped the lines and went underway again. There was hardly any wind and I didn’t go that far. After 10 nautical miles the anchor was in again and I was in the beginning of Chesapeake Bay .

From Salters Point anchorage to Port Jefferson

The anchorage where I went after leaving New Bedford was near Salters Point. The next morning at daylight I could see were I had anchored. It was not a special spot. But oke I had a good night. After the coffee and breakfast I picked up the anchor and went underway again . There was a light wind but it was enough to fill the sails and to keep me going . Near the light of “ South West Rock “ I had to keep my eye wide open to avoid all the rocks .

After the passage the wind dropped to nil . I started the engine and motored a bit till the wind pick up again . But the wind stayed light and one time more the engine had to give a help . But around 14.00 there was a nice wind and I made it for the anchorage behind “ Flint Point “ near “ Third Beach “ . Coming around the point I saw to my surprise that half of the anchorage was a mooring field . For you who are not familiar with this. A mooring is a buoy made vast to a very heavy block on the bottom . And at buoy is a strong line what you can pick up and attach to your boat . Those mooring are not free you have to pay for the use of them . Luckily there was still room to drop the anchor and that is what I did . Yes that is free .

Besides me there was one other boat on anchor. The mooring field was empty.

The next mooring – October 16 , 2022 – I took it easy and took my morning coffee and a nice breakfast with bacon and eggs. I left around 10.00 Lt. There was only a light breeze so I first motored a bit . Then the wind became a bit more and I could sail. That day I sailed not that far and ended up anchoring at “ Point Judith harbour of Refuge “ . An interesting spot along coast and surrounded by a men made breakwater . And that breakwater gave good protection against the swell . Together with me there were about 5 other boats on anchor.

The next morning it was overcast and the went was only a little bit . At 07.00 the anchor was out and I was underway by engine. An hour later I could stop the engine and the sails took over. I thought to go to an anchorage about 25 nautical miles sailing . But the wind direction was that good that I passed that spot already at 11.00 that morning . The going was good but after I past Fishers Island and was near Little Gull Island the increased a lot and changed direction to more on the nose. It became a wild ride but Mylady did it perfect. I had dubblereef in the main and a small foresail . The gusts came up till 35 knots and the average was 30 knots . By that time I decided to go for Port Jefferson . That was still a long way to go. After 15.00 the wind decreased and changed direction in that way that I made good progress. But when you start thinking “ only 11 nm to go “ then it always happens. I got rain and lightning and the wind turned all directions and went down to nearly zero. After the lightning had passed the wind picked up but not a lot. I tried to sail but didn’t make any progress to Port Jefferson . And then the wind died out completely . I started the engine and with that running I did the last 8 nm . Just before the harbour entrance the wind picked up again but I was already there. To find an anchor spot was not difficult. Port Jefferson is a big harbour with lots of space . At 02.15 lt I was safe on anchor and cleared the boat and took a beer. It had been a rough trip but a good and long trip.

The next day I made the dinghy ready and went ashore. It was about a 15 minute dinghy ride. I found a spot for the dinghy at the yacht club but that was for one time I was told. Next time I had to pay. I walked trough the village and visited the visitor centre . There I had a very chat with the lady who was there and who told me all about the village and what was there to see and to do. One of the things she told me that every Sunday morning there is a farmers market at the waterfront. A very good reason to stay. The tourist season was more or less over she told me. In the summer months the village is packed.

The next day I went ashore and parked the dinghy at a public dock. About 3 km walking was a station were I could diesel and that was my job for this day. And yes I found the gas station and got my diesel. Back in the village I went for a beer at “ the Brewery “ . As the word says that is a bar where they brew there own beer . A nice place and I met some nice local people there which who I had a chat. And at the bar they told me that on Friday they would have good live music . An other reason to stay.

In the Thursday morning my gas bottle was empty when I was making hot water for the morning coffee. So the day started with changing the bottles. After the coffee and breakfast I had a look on the internet and found a place not to far away who could refill the gas bottle. I prepared everything and went on a gas bottle , diesel and petrol expedition . I first had to go with the dinghy for about 1,5 nautical mile . Then from where I left the dinghy 2,5 km walking to ACE hardware. The refill was done straight away and back I went . But on the way back I made a stop at the big supermarket from “ Stop and Shop “ . Then at a gas station I bought 5 litre petrol for the outboard ( I had a small jerrycan with me ) . Back at the dinghy I stowed everything and took a small break. Then I walked back to the gas station – a little bit less then 1 km – and bought 20 litre diesel. With the whole load I went back to Mylady. Yes never a boring day while cruising.

On Friday I did this and that but I took it a bit easy. Around 13.00 the BBQ was burning and I had some steaks on it. And at 19.00 I went ashore to go to “ the Brewery “ .

When I arrived there the live music was already in full swing and there was a whole bunch of people. All in all I had a good evening and met also some nice local people.

On Sunday morning I was at farmers marker at 09.30 . There were all kind of stalls with all kind of good . I found the stall from “ Priscilla’s Farm “ and bought there my veggie’s. The stall and also the farm was from Priscilla and Leslie and I had a very nice chat with Leslie. He had a small open sailboat and sailed years before always with a friend. In the mean time more people came to the market and both Leslie and Priscilla got busy . I said goodbye to them and went back to Mylady where I made the boat ready for departure. At 10.30 the anchor was out and I was underway to Port Washington what is just before New York City.

More about the passage in my next post.

From Shelburne in Nova Scotia to New Bedford in Massachusetts, USA.

As I wrote in my last post I left – on October 10 – and the wind was nil. But once I was outside past the last light house I would see from Nova Scotia the wind picked up. First it was not much but it increased slowly and finally the engine could switched of and the sails had to do the job.

Left up is the light house from Sandy Point and the big picture is the light house from Cape Roseway.

The wind was not straight coming from where I wanted to go but I had to sail closed hauled . While sailing along I passed several big fishing ships. But even if I thought I would come close they altered there course a bit and I could go along without any trouble . It was nice sailing . The wind was enough to make a nice speed and it was not cold at all . All went well and I even could do little naps. When I came up in the cockpit after a nap the boat course was north west . The wind direction had changed and the boat was steering on the Aries windvane what makes that Mylady as a good girl follows what the Aries tells her. I had a better look at the situation and if there were any fischerboatss nearby . Nothing there and I went about and continued sailing with the sails over the port side and still close hauled. Around 10.00 in the morning the wind was gone. Normally I would drift and wait till the wind comes back. But now I started the engine . Why you ask ? The weather was a bid unpredictable and it was already late in the year. And besides that it was still hurricane season. And the batteries could use some charge also. I motored till 13.00 and by then the wind came back and the sails could take over the job again. But at 16.30 the wind was gone again and again I used the engine. I had take a weather chart and some other weather info and saw that by Friday a strong gale would come. I figured out if I could keep a bit speed that I would be in at the Cape Cod Canal already on Thursday. By 19.45 the wind came back again and the sails could do there work. I should say that I was happy that the engine could be stopped . The noise the whole time is not something I like. The sailing went fine and there was nil other traffic . But the wind turned slowly again and the Aries steered her on a course of SSW and there I didn’t want to go. I went about again and continued sailing with the sails over the other side again. On October 12 at noon / 12.00 lt The wind was good and the direction also and I could keep a good course heading for Cape Cod.

The whole summer I had hardly see any dolphins but during this trip I had quit often a group playing around the boat.

They don’t like it when you don’t make any speed but when you go along well they always stay for a while swimming close in front of the bow. And I have always the feeling that they look up to see if there is somebody who watch them. They always have that smile on there “face “ and I like watching them.

Sunrise near Cape Cod .

Around 09.00 lt on October 13 I was abeam from Cape Cod . The wind had increased and I was going along well . From Cape Cod to the Cape Cod Canal it was an other 25 nautical mile and I had to go close hauled to make it in one tack. But the swell was steep and about 1,5 to 2 meter what stopped me complete several times. But the closer I came to Canal the less became the swell . And at 13.50 lt I entered the canal. When I approached the canal I had to be on full alert due to the strong wind from abeam, the swell and the current . I was happy it was daylight.

And once inside the canal I had the full current with me what gave me a very good speed between 7 and 9 knots. One of the bridges is a railroad bridge that is nearly always open . But it was my luck that it closed just when I was near it . I had to turn around with the nose in the strong current to stay put till the bridge opened again. Shortly after that bridge I was at the end of the canal . In the mean time rain had set in and the wind had increased . I first had to go against a very choppy sea and did this using the engine. This all had to do with the strong current coming out of the canal. But I made it and as soon as it was deep enough I went next to the canal where it was a bit better. From the canal to New Bedford where I was heading for it was still 20 nm. I sailed that only on the foresail . It was a very rough sail with a course close hauled again and wind with gusts up to 30 knots. Unfortunately I didn’t make it before dark in the harbour of New Bedford. When I had passed Cape Cod I had called the Pope’s Island Marina asking for a mooring. The had told me to go on mooring no 4 . But he try to find a mooring when it is blowing , dark and raining. I made to turns and then I just picked up a mooring that looked oke to me . On 19.30 was safe and sound tied up to the mooring. In New Bedford you can not drop the anchor so you have to take a mooring . The mooring at the marina I was costed 35 us dollar per night . And that is us standards cheap . That night I sleep very good . The next morning I woke from the wind that was blowing very strong . My meter went up – in gusts – to 40 knots and it was raining heavy . What was I happy to be on a strong mooring in this kind of weather. At 11.00 the wind went slowly down and the rain stopped also. In the mean time I already had contact with Custom an Border Patrol about my clearance . They wanted me to come to the marina with my dinghy but I told them that the weather was to bad to do that safe. By 13.00 the sun was out and the wind gone . I launched the dinghy and went ashore . First I went to the marina office and paidedd the mooring .

On the picture on the right you see the big mooring field from Pope’s Island Marina. By the way there showers ar very good and very clean.

While I was there the CBP phoned me and when he heard that I was ashore he told me to stay there and that he would come over . About 30 minutes later the whole clearance was done and I had me cruising licence as well . Before going back on board I went to a nearby small convenience store to by some bread and just to have a walk. Back on board I took the dinghy back on deck and made the boat ready and left . On the chart I had seen a close by anchor spot and that is where I went . The first bit I could sail but the last 45 minutes I used the engine. At 19.45 on October 14 the anchor was oke and I cleared the boat and made myself something to eat. The weather was calm that night so I enjoyed a very good night rest.

Lunenburg and Shelburne

In my last post I left you when I entered Lunenburg . After going around I found a good anchor spot just near the entrance . The whole;e bay is full with moorings . After all was cleared I made the dinghy ready and went ashore to explore the town. Lunenburg is a very touristic place but a nice place with lots of history regarding shipping and fishery. I visited several gift shops just to have a look . The last shop I visited was the ice cream shop and I bought a big one. With it I walked slowly to the waterfront and enjoyed the scenery and my ice cream.

In Lunenburg is a big “ Foodland “ supermarket near the waterfront. You can tie your dinghy up just behind the shop. Yes very handy and I did big shopping. I also took two jerry cans to take to the fuel station to get diesel. You go al the way in the back of the harbour and there is a dock for your dinghy and then the fuel station from the ESSO is just around the corner. Freshwater you can get near the dinghy dock . The last after noon I found a small very old gallery with the name “ Purcell Family Art Gallery “ . The lady who was helping all who came in was averyy friendly 90 year young lady . I stayed nearly an hour and we chatted about everything. Yes other people came in and she was most friendly to everybody. Don’t miss this shop while you are there.

Back on board I made the boat ready to leave the next morning. Yes a pity that I stayed so short but the weather window to sail south was to good to let it go.

The next morning around 05.30 the alarm went of and I made coffee – and that takes some time but is very important – and took breakfast. At 07.00 the anchor was up and I was underway to Shelburne with a strong wind from behind and the whole way I made good speed .

A piece of the rough coastline .

But it is a long whole and I could not make before dark . Just after I entered Shelburne Harbour I thought “ you know what I anchor just here and tomorrow do the last bit “ . And so just before Sandy Point I dropped the hook. I thought it would be a rolling spot but it wasn’t . I had a good night . The next morning it was overcast and it rained and rained . I took it easy and around noon it was more or less abitt better and I went underway . I had the sails up a could sail for about half a hour and then the wind dropped till zero. So the engine had to the job and around 13.35 on October 06 I was safe on anchor. On the anchorage was a sail ship what I met in Las Palmas , Canary Island. I knew he was here. I cleared the boat and prepared the dinghy and went over to say hello to the skipper of “ princes Mia “ . We had a nice evening chatting about boats and our trips. Martijn – the skipper of Mia – is for the last 17 years underway . He sailed only the north pacific and that is enough for him. And his ship is something special and wonderful to see.

Martijn told me that as soon the weather window is oke he is of to Bermuda. I like that idea and on Friday did all the shopping and did my washing in a laundry. And by the end end of the day I was ready. Martijn also told by the end of January you have to leave Bermuda because by then it starts to blow there . Mmmmm , and by then I released if I would go to Bermuda then I could forget to – maybe – go back to work on the merchant navy this winter . At the end I told Martijn I would stay in Shelburne and will sail for Cape Cod , USA instead .

On Saturday there was a nice farmers market near the waterfront with all kind of different stalls and nice live music. It remind me at Kerikeri in the north of Newzealandd where I was based when the boat there during the hurricane season in the pacific. In that place the farmers market was always on Sunday morning and here in Shelburne I found the same atmosphere. I had a nice chat with several of the stall holders. And I was told that market was there every Saturday from somewhere in may onwards during the summer months.

And because of the upcoming Halloween that afternoon there was a real pumpkin race on the water. There was lots of people and it was a funny and event.

Around 15.00 Martijn slipped his ropes and sailed away and I went back to Mylady.

Sunday I started to make the boat ready for my trip to Cape Cod. While the weather window for that trip didn’t look to good but I decide just to go. By now it was already coming up to half October and it was better to go south.

On Monday October 10 around 08.00 the anchor was up and I was underway. There was nearly no wind so I motored the first two hours. By then I was already out on the open sea. Luckily the wind picked up and I could set sail and got underway by sail. The direction of the wind was on the nose but still I could set a course more or less in the direction of Cape Cod.

In my next post I will tell you about the trip and my landfall first at the Cape Cod Canal and later that evening in New Bedford.

Going South Along Nova Scotia

On September 26 late in the afternoon I had the engine running and took my lines in and left the floating jetty. I motored to an anchor spot in the harbour just be out already. I wanted to leave the next day early to start with my voyage south.

Just before dark I was safe at anchor and for me it was a good feeling to be underway again after all what had happened the last week. The next day after I had coffee and breakfast I picked up the anchor and went underway. The visibility was bad due to the fog . But the electronic chart and the radar did there job. I have the electronic chart on my laptop inside but can see that from the cockpit and the movements from Mylady is directly visible on the chart. The radar was also on and that was a big help. I used the engine to get out to sea but there was hardly wind so I keep it running. And the next few hours there was nil wind. But then the picked up very fast , luckily from a good direction , and within an hour that I was sailing I had reduced the main with the second reef and the foresail till nearly half. Yes the fog was gone but rain had replaced it. On the chart I saw a good anchor spot behind “ Tuffin Island “ and I went there.

When I approached to that anchorage I had pass close to some rock who were just visible and the entrance to anchorage was also not that easy . But Just by doing it easy I came in safe and dropped the hook on a good spot. I was not 20 minutes on anchor or a seal came to check me out. He swam around the boat just with it’s head above the water.

The next morning there was again no wind but the fog was back and during this day the wind was on holiday the whole day. The engine did a good job.

Normally I don’t motor that much but I wanted distance south because it was already late in the season . On the chart I saw a good well protected anchorage and went in there . The chart did not show much about the water depth but I thought just go slowly and see . At the end I dropped the hook in “ Back Cove “ . A nice and beautiful spot. At low tide a whole family of seals were resting on a spot that was dry by then. The coming days the wind was complete from the wrong direction so I stay where I was and took it easy with some small boat jobs.

On October 01 the anchor was out around 10.00 that morning I was slowly heading for the cut off I had seen on the chart. I would be safe about 7 nautical miles in distance on the sailing trip that day

The evening before I had a good look at the google earth chart from this passage and it all looked good. As you can see much detail was not seen on the chart. But it all went good and I had minium 4 meter water under the keel while I went trough.

There was a nice wind but on the nose so I had to tack but the sun was there what made it a nice trip.

Near the anchorage were I was heading for I saw a big light buoy that was badly damaged. I did my best to make a few pictures. Later I would send those to the coast guard.

By the end of the afternoon I had the anchor down on a good spot – just of Scanlans Point – for the south west to west wind what was there when I arrived. But during the night the wind would turn to the north and it did but I was still oke with that direction .

From this anchorage I had a good sail in the direction of Luneburg . The sail to there was a distance of 75 nautical mile. Yes that is a long passage for one day but with the strong northerly it the speed was good all the way. It was abitt of a rough trip but you can’t have it all. Around 19.30 I was near Lunenburg but would not make it in before dark . On the chart I saw near “ Blue Rock “ a good spot to drop anchor for the night. Just after I was on anchor somebody from the shore was calling if I needed any help. I said all is oke but I found that a very friendly thing .

The next morning on October 03 around 10.00 the anchor was out and I did the last few miles to Lunenburg where I was around 12.00 safe on anchor. From Port Bickerton to here had been a good and fast enough trip.

Surviving Hurricane Fiona

The first time I had a look at the two computer models did not agree which way the hurricane would follow. The European said from the start that it would make landfall in Nova Scotia but the model from the USA showed it going out to sea. But as the day’s went on it was clear that it would make landfall in north Nova Scotia and that it would be a strong one with a a very big and heavy storm field . Here is a screenshot from

Already two days before the hurricane would made landfall in this region I was busy to make the boat ready for it. Yes it takes time if you want to do it good . Of course I took out extra lines to secure the boat as good as possible. And I have plenty lines on board and among those a few long ones. To make sure that I was not pushed to much against the floating jetty I made a long line across the harbour. There were some protests against this line but after some talking it was more or less oke. My normal lines I use tgo tie up the boat are already oversized but extra lines was no luxury. I made extra spring lines and for and aft also extra . But it is also important that you make sure that all the lines are well protected against chafing. It is amazing if that starts how fast a line can break at the point where it is not protected well against the chafing.

And the lines are important but also all loose items on board have to be well secured. The dinghy what is on deck got extra lines over it . Ropes around the the cover of the main sail and a line to block the foresail from rolling out . And the solar panels on the back got a extra line . And the boom from the mainsail got extra lines although the mainsheet was also tied. The running backstays were put in there sailing position to give extra support for the mast . And also inside I checked if everything was oke . Yes also there stuff can fly around if it is not soke.

On Friday afternoon – 23 September 2022 – I was ready for it and made my self dinner and read a bit before going to my bunk. The Saturday the preparations continued and by the beginning of the afternoon all was ready for what was coming. The last thing what I did was calling somebody I met the previous day and who offered me big fenders. Then I said I had enough but now I thought it would be better. He showed up 10 minutes later and gave me two big fenders who we put between the boat and the jetty. Now I real felt good about everything. Up till now in 31 years sailing with my boat Mylady I never experienced something like this. But if you take the time then you can do the right preparations. But don’t forget September is the high light month for hurricanes in this part of the north Atlantic Ocean.

I made myself something to eat and waited for the things that were coming. In the mean time the northerly wind had increased slowly. And the barometer was slowly going down what was a sign that the hurricane was approaching.

And during the evening the wind picked up and the rain got more heavy . There was not much what I could do at this stage but several times I dressed in my weatherproof cloth and went out to check and to adjust small stuff. And although I was sure about the fore lines I took two more out and added them . And the cover of the mainsail needed more lines. And in the mean time the wind increased and increased . Around 22.30 the whole yard turned dark. There were big light but all went on black. But if I went out my own deck light were enough to see something. And the wind increased more. That wind came from my starboard side – from the shore – and the boat was healing over more and more as if we were sailing closed hauled. The noise from the wind when I was inside was incredible. To see the barometer going down was in interesting thing to see. And down it went. At a particular point the barometer didn’t go down any more and for me it looked like that wind didn’t increase any more. I didn’t make pictures from the wind meter but a few time I looked at it and the max I saw was 68 knots / 12 Beaufort what is the max of the meter. But still the boat and skipper were doing oke. You understand that I have nil pictures from above. The weather was to bad and the wind far to strong and it was night.

Around 04.00 that night the wind slowly went down and I was able to lay down and sleep a little bit . A few times I was awake and noticed that wind was more or les gone. That would have been the eye of the hurricane that was passing. Later I heard that the eye had passed over Isaacs Harbour just 20 km northerly. Around 06.00 the wind picked up from the west and to that side there was nothing to protected me from the shop from the sea. But the harbour was not that wide and the sea not to high or wild. This time Mylady was pushed against the jetty but the fenders and the long line across the harbour were doing there job .

On one occasion that I went out to have look I saw that one of the big fenders was just floating between the boat and I made a better fast while seawater splashed over me. But all other fenders were oke and on the right height and in the right places. As the day proceed the wind dropped more and more and the rain also went down bit by bit . And the barometer was slowly found the way up again.

By the end of the day there was still a strong wind but a normal strong wind and Mylady was in her normal upright position. By that time I made a good inspection round and saw that all was oke and that was real good news.

Later that day I listened to the local news I heard about the heavy damage around the north of Nova Scotia, Price Edward Island, Cape Breton Island and south west Newfoundland.

On Sunday the sun was out and it was a nice day and it was difficult to think that it was so complete different just a day ago. Because of the nice weather and to get my mind of all what had happened I went for a walk to the lighthouse , about 3 km. It was nice walk and the area around the lighthouse is a nice area to walk around.

There are several hikes. I tried two but both were blocked by fallen trees. Back at the boat I put my backpack away and walk direction Port Bickerton West and then I saw why the power was out because a power pool had been nocked down by a tree.

Nearly all the houses had generators running but in general I saw no serious damage.

The next day I took all the extra lines etc away and also all the other extra lines. All in all mylady and skipper had survived the this event pretty good.

St Peters Canal till Port Bickerton , North Nova Scotia .

The next day after my walk I went to the Foodland store again to do the rest of my shopping like fresh veggies and fruit and some meat. I bought a whole chicken . Why a whole chicken. That is much cheaper then to buy all seperated already . And to cut it in pieces is easy. Yes that evening I had chicken as dinner. Back on board I stowed all away . And went back ashore. The whole week that I was there the village had a “ Pirate “ thing going on with all kind of things to do mainly for kids. This Saturday there was a artist market in a tent next to the building of the lion club what was next to the marina. I went there to have look. But unfortunaly they tent was so full with people behind there table triing to sell something that there was hardly room to walk. A pity and I only had look from the entrance and went back to the boat.

The next morning – September 17 – I was up early to get the boat ready to go trough the st Peters Canal. The Canal was open from 08.00 till 16.00 open . Before I started the engine and picked up the anchor I called the canal on VHF 10 and 16 but I got no answer back. Then I phoned to tell them I was coming .

When I approched the bridge it was already opening and I did not have to slow down at all. The lock was also already open and one of the ladies from the lock took my lines. While in the lock they needed to know some perticulares and we had a chat. The max they had trough this year in one day were 47 boats what was record for them . Then the doors on the outside went open and I left. Outside there was strong wind from the NW and I could use a small part of the foresail. I didn’t go far only just 1,5 nm to a bay nearby so I would not have the hassle the next day when I wanted to sail for the north part of Nova Scotia. Why I didn’t go this day because further out it was blowing 25 to 30 knots. At 14.00 I was safe at anchor just passed Sutherland Head and then on the south side of it.

At 06.00 the next morning the laram went off and I made coffee and had something for breakfast. And at 07.30 lt I was underway. The wind was westerly so I had the wind abeam. I started with full sail but and hour later I had the 2 nd reef in and the foresail rolled in a bit. But it went oke. Near David rock (north mainland Nova Scotia) I had go against the strong wind and reasonable high swell so it became a nice rock and roll . But we still made good speed and we made oke headway. Yes I had to tack back and forth so going about was a challenge but it did go good. Near the cove were I wanted to go the wind dropped and changed direction what didn’t made it easy to sail to the entrance of the cove but I made it and lowered the sails before entering.

Left and right of that entrance where rocks and you have to be on the look out for those sunkers as they call them. That are the rocks what are just above the water so you hardly see them . But All went without any problem and at 17.00 lt the anchor was safe set in a nice cove. The wind dropped a bit more what made I had a peacefull night.

The next morning I left again and was heading for Countrty Harbour and there Isaacs harbour . By that time I already knew that a hurricane maybe would come this way and that was the reason I went to this place because I though maybe I stay there during the storm. It is a 4 nm long harbour and it is not to wide . I dropped anchor all the way at the head of the bay and it all looks good. I liked it there . There are some houses and the surrounding are simple. The next morning – Spetembet 20 – I picked up the anchor at 10.00 and went to the wharf half way the harbour. There I moored at the south side and also there it looked oke to ride the storm. While there I went for a small walk.

At 12.30 I left again because there was asoutherly wind coming and I went to the anchorage at the south side of the harbour just behind Hurricane Island . Yes what a name.

The next morning the prediction for Hurricane “ Fiona “ had changed and now there would more westerly and even a bit more south in it and that was no good news. I checked my chart and cruising guide and saw “ Port Bickerton “ mentioned what was nearby. I checked that place on the internet and then I saw that there was a Canadian Coast Guard station . I found a phone number form the staion and called them . They gave me the advice to come to there harbour and to tie up to the floating jetty to ride out that hurricane.

The next morning up came the anchor and I sailed for Port Bickerton and around 13.20 I was tied up along the jetty. The whole harbour had, had a big refit and all looked pretty new and solid. Besides Mylady there was one fishing boat along the floating jetty and the next day an other one came in. Both those boats were very well secured.

Later that afternoon I went for a walk. There are two small villages . One is Port Bickerton east , where the harbour was and then you have Port Bickerton West what is a big bigger and that has a shop annex restaurant.

I had a look but only some small items. Back on board I made dinner and that was the end of this day . The next day I would begin with the preperations regarding the hurricane.

A small note and Hurricane ” Fiona “

Yes a small note. Also here in NOva Scotia the network reception is not that good all the time. While alongside in ” Port Bickerton ” it was not possible to do anything. But later I was on anchor and to my supprise the internet worked oke.

While I was in north of Nova Scotia hurricane ” Fiona ” came over. On advice of the coast guard – who has a big station in the place – from ” Port Bickerton ” I went to that port and made fast on the floating jetty and that is where I was when the hurricane past with gusts up to 100 knots . It was a experience I would not forget. But Mylady and skipper came out oke.

After this small note I will write about my trip to ” Port BIckerton ” and then a post about the hurricane.

In the mean time I left port Bickerton and are slowly – weather permitted – underway to Halifax.

Cape Breton , Bras D’or Lakes

The afternoon that I left Baddeck there was a bit of sun and the wind was light but there was enough to sail. I was heading for a anchorage only 5 nautical mile away. While underway to that anchorage I had all kind of winds . From nothing to 20 knots for only a very short periode. And about half a mile from the anchorage the wind first dropped and I started the engine to make it in before the wind that I saw coming was there. That wind just got me at the entrance and was strait on the nose. But in the anchorage ar “ Maskells Harbour “ the wind dropped and I found a good spot. There was one other boat on anchor already. The night was calm and around 09.00 on Septmeber 09 the anchor was out and I was heading for Orangedale. This little village was way inside one of the corners of the lake . But to go there I had to pass the bridge at Barra Strait. Till the bridge I could sail but then I took the sails in and called the bridge.

There was direct and answer saying “ just keep coming the bridge will be open “ . And that was what happened. I didn’t had slow down at all just keep my speed. On the other side of the bridge I hoisted the sails again and continued sailing although the wind was light. But the sun was out and it was a nice day. Once passed “ Mckinnons Point “ I had to keep good attencion to where I was going because it was a bit narrow and lot of shallow spot and rocks to hit . After I passed that point the wind picked up and I good sail all the way. But I did it only on the foresail. Just before Orangdale is an island but I could not see it from a distance only when I was close I saw the pancake . It was just abaove the surface. I went wide around it and went is Mac Donald cove . There I went in as far as possible and dropped anchor around 17.10 that afternoon. In the lakes at this spot you don’t have a difference in high or low water. Here I had only 1 meter under the keel but that was enough. I cleared the boat and had a beer and looked around. This spot is a well protected spot and you can just see one house.

The next morning I made the dinghy ready and after collecting all my stuff like camera , money , moible phone and normal glasses I took of to have a look at Orangedale. You can anchor in the cove near the wharf or even go alongside there but with the strong northerly I found it save to go to Mac Donald Cove. At the wharf I made fast the dinghy and went for a walk . Orangedale is very small village but the main attraction is the railway museum. But that was closed. I could have a look at wagons that were outside. Just near the harbour is a store and that is the oldest store in the surroundings. There I had a chat with the shopkeeper and also with some other people. They told me a bit about the surroundings and about Orangdale and about the store. The store had been since ever in the same family.

On September 11 I was underway again at 10.00 . The wind had turned a bit and most of the way I could sail only using the foresail. Once in open water I hoisted the main and a nice and fast sail in direction of “ Pellier Harbour “ . When I arrived there the wind was strong from the north . I went in and dropped anchor. The holiding was very good and I was fine on anchor. There were already two other boats on anchor but not near me and later an other boat came in.

Above pictures are from the trip from Pelliers Harbour to Caters Cove.

The weather forcast for the next day was a good northerly wind and then it would be calm and southerly . So the next day at 10.15 the anchor was up and I was heading direction st. Peters or somewhere near there . The first part I did under full sail but the last part only under the fore sail. At 14.00 I was fine at anchor in Carters Cove . From here it was only 3 mile to st. Peters and that I would do the next day. The rest of the afternoon I did not a lot .

Above pictures are from the small trip to st Peters . As you can see it was flat calm .

Around 08.50 the next morning the anchor was up and I was underway to st Peters. There was nearly no wind so the iron sail (yes the engine) had to do the job. On this little passage you have to be carefull because again it is not wide and there are some shallow spots. But at 10.00 I was near st. Peters Marina. I found an anchor spot between the moorings and the northerly shore. Due to the moorings there is not much room near the marina to anchor. But the hiolding is excelent.

Later that day I went ashore and walked to the centre of the village. The centre was about 10 minutes away and is just one street where the shops are. There is a big “ Foodland “ what is a good place to stock up. And there is a “ Home Depot “ . And if you take the road just passed the Foodland store and go down then there is automotive shop where they sell filters and other parts ( they have a lot ) and they can refill propane bottles. And they can refurbish gasbottles , new valves and new paint. I had it done with both my bottles and it was done straight away.

That late afternoon when I walked back with my gasbottle there was live music on a small stage on a parking lot in the centre of the village. It was country music and I sat down to listen. There were about 30 people sitting there what was not a lott but with the sun shinning and only a small breeze it was nice to sit there and just listen to the music.

The day I went on a tourist walk. I first went to see the st Peters Canal . There I had a very interresting chat with one of the people who was working there. He told me a lot about the canal and it’s history. While talking with him an other local men came by and joined us . So an hour or so later I walked on . Near the lock is a little shop. It is managed by the “ Mikmak “ people. That are the orginal people from this area. In the shop I met a young lady and – yes again – for an hour she explained me all about her people . It was very interesting. From there I went to the Foodland store and the next stop was the boat. All in all I had a interesting walk.

To Bras D’or Lakes , Cape Breton , north Nova Scotia .

The weather forcast for Friday , September 02 and Saturday , September 03 , 2022 looked good for the trip from Ramea to Cape Breton Island. The distance was according the chart 145 nautical mile. Then this would me normally take about 36 hours . On Friday morning I did some last shopping and made the boat ready. Around 11.00 I had the ropes in and was underway. There was a light wind from the WSW and that was nearly on the nose so I pulled the sheets tight and sailed closed hauled The wind was not steady in strength and direction but the sun was out the sea was calm and it was fine sailing and more or les in the good direction.

And according the forcast the wind would be North West and about 5 Bft . Just before 20.00 the wind found the North West and started to pick up. And as it happens so often in about half an hour I had two reefs in the main sail and a part of the fores sail rolled away. But Mylady liked it a lot. Finaly she thought real good sailing again and she danced the sailing dance as a good Mylady could do. We made about 5 to 6 knots in the right direction with the wind a bit forward from abeam. The whole night and into the next day it stayed like this. But the predication had also indicated a drop in windforce near Cape Breton. But this happened when I only still had 8 nautical miles to go to the north entrance to the lakes. And there the current can run up to 1,8 knots . Yes when you have that with you it is oke but against then ? Whith the wind nearly gone I started the engine and we were just in time at the entrance.

We had the current already against us but only a little bit . At 19.10 local Nova Scotia time the anchor was in at Kellys Cove . I cleared the boat and took a beer and made myself something to eat. It had been a good and fast crossing.

The next morning I had a good breakfast and took it easy. Around 13.00 lt the anchor was up and was heading for “ Otter Harbour “ about 6 nautical mile up Great Bars Dor as it called where I was. I had the wind straight on the nose and had to tack . Before the bridge I lowered the main and rolled the fore sail complete in . With the current with me and the wind against I had no idea how it would be under the bridge and just after the bridge is a shallow part. All went well and at 16.00 I was safe at anchor in Otter Harbour. It isn’t a harbour as you maybe think. There are some small islands and they give a good protection and you can drop your anchor in between . Holding was very good.

Later that afternoon a men on an jetsky was racing arounbd with behind him some boys sitting in what looked like an old tire. He stopped when he was near Mylady and we had a chat. But very soon the boys wanted to have fun again so he continued but a bit farther from Mylady.

The next day the wind had turned to North and with the wind from behind I sailed away from Otter Harbour around 12.00 on September 05. At the beginning the wind was pretty strong later it calmed down a bit . At 18.00 I was at Baddeck roads and looked around where I could anchor. On advice from a local boat I dropped anchor next to the mooring bouys from the Baddeck Yacht Club. There the holding was very good. And you close to the dinghy dock from the club.

The next day the first thing I did was putting the dinghy in the water and made it ready for going ashore. Making the dinghy ready was putting the little outboard behind it and checking if everything was onboard of it like the oars. Around 10.30 I went ashore and had the dinghy tied up at the dinghy dock from the club. Then I walked first to “ Baddeck Marine “ to ask if I could ake fresh water at there place and that was not a problem.

Then I walk into the town / village . Baddeck is a very touristic place and along the main street are all little gift shops and some restaurants. I walked from the main street up the hill in one of the side streets. There I saw a wonderfull place so outstanding from the other shinny houses. It looked old and around the shed were a lot of tools and other stuff hanging. On the veranda I saw a men sitting and he was the owner . I was invited on the small veranda of the house and we had a very nice chat about his place and Baddeck. This are one of those moments that makes travelling and meeting the people a joy. There is a big and good “ Co – oP supermarket in the centre of the village. I stayed a few days at anchor and met while walking around some more interresting people like the lady who was running the foodbank for people in need and I had a chat with a lady from the library.

The famous inventer Mr. Bell had lived in Baddeck and there is a big museum with all you want to know about him and his familie in Baddeck. I went there and it was all very interresting. It took me more then 2 hours to see everything.

On the morning of September 08 after I had visited the Bell Museum I made the boat ready for sailing . The wind was light but the weather was very nice and sunny. Around 13.45 lt the anchor was up and I was underway.

Ramea and White Bear Bay.

The sail to Ramea was an easy and calm one. The visibility was also good and I saw the island of Ramea once I was a bit further out of Grey River. I came in from the north and the last bit I used the engine.

In the harbour there is a floating dock and that is where I found a spot. There was a men and after I was alongside he told I had to move because the spot was for the small boats to off load. Oke I moved to an other spot on the jetty. Once there I asked about the price and that was 10 can dollar per night and 20 can dollar if wanted power. And there are no showers or what ever. At that stage the official harbour master arrived . Just outside the harbour was a warf and I asked what it would cost there and there it was free. And yes I moved there and it was a good spot.

That same eveing I went for a walk around the village. While walking around I met a men who busy mov his law but he was also in for a talk with what he regonized as a vistor. We had a nice talk about his island and he told me some about it.

Ramea isn’t one island but a whole bunch of big and very small islands . Great Island is the highest one but the village is on the North West Island . There in the middle is the village. It was a very big place with around 1200 people once living there . There was a fish factorywhat gave a lot of employment. But that plant closed already a long time ago. Now the population who lived permanent there was only 350 and 80 % was older then 65 or 70. The school had only 12 kids attending.

The next day was a sunny day and I went for walk again . The village was claen and all the houses looked in a good shape. From a nice lookout point you can see a big part of the island and it’s village and also the small islands and rocks. On the north part is a long walkway made and on a lot of planks you see names. Back in the village I met the men who was making those planks. I could have one with my name and boat name on it the costs were 20 can dollar. I didn’t do it.

On August 24 around 14.40 lt I had al the ropes inside and was heading for the entrance of White Bear Bay. I see this “ Bay “ more as a fjord like in Norway. It is heading for 10 nautical mile inland and on both sides are high cliffs and the way the bay is deep. Anyhow that day I sailed only till Bear Island at the entrance of the bay and dropped anchor at 17.00 lt at the beautifull spot just north of Deer Island.

The next day after the coffee and breafast I picked up the anchor and sailed only under the genua up the bay. The whol;e way it was very impressive with the high cliffs around me. And what made it extra good was that the sun was out. At the head of the bay you have Sandy Point and behind there you can find a very good and safe anchor spot. When you approache Sandy Point stay a bit on the west side for deeper water and once past the point you can turn in. Just behind Sandy point are some houses and that is the best and deepest spot to drop anchor and it is good holding. For there I liked the view over the whole surroundings. And that made it that I was not in a hurry to leave. While there I did some deck boat jobs .

On August 31 I was awake very early and made the boat ready for the sail down the bay. At the 06.00 thae boat and skipper were ready and the anchor was hauled. The wind was straight on the nose so I had to tack my way out. The first bit the engine did the job and then it was up to the sails and skipper. It went pretty good and the strength of the wind was also good. Normally during the morning the wind picks up but this morning that did not happened. I sailed all the way till Ramea. There I sailed by west side of the islands and went direction berth from the south.

Once inside I tied up at the same spot where I was before. The next day the wind picked up and there was lots of rain so I good nicely fill the water tanks again. By that time I had decided to sail from Ramea to Cape Breton in the north of Nova Scotia. I did some shopping and had an other walk trough the village and on September 02 , 2022 at 11.00 lt the ropes where in and I was heading for the northerly entrance of the Bras D’or Lakes in the north of Nova Scotia.

I had a good time while sailing the south coast of Newfoundland and scenery was amazing but it was time slowly to make my way south.

Meeting Jack and Ruby Lushman after 21 years again and my hike.

There was one very big reason I came back to Grey River. In 2001 I was also on the Grey River and also in the North West Arm on anchor. That time I met Jack Lushman on the shore at his cabin. His wife Ruby was also there but I can’t remmember meeting her also that time. While I had a chat with Jack he made a small broom from just a piece of twig for me. He wrote his name on it before he gave it to me. That little souvenier was always hanging in the saloon of Mylady. When I saw his small open boat near his cabin I took the broom and went over to meet him again. When I approached his cabin he came out. When I was alongside near his cabin at where I could tie up the dinghy he said hello and I asked if he was Jack and yes he said but then he asked how do you know my name. I said it is on the roof of your cabin and I have an other source. I went ashore and I showed him the broom . He was real very surprised and we had a chat and I met his wife Ruby who made me a nice cup of thea.

They found it wonderful to meet me again after 21 years. Jack said that he would make me a second broom. The next day in the afternoon I went to them again and jack gave me my second broom . And that time Ruby showed me my writing from 2001 in there little notebook.

Ruby told me that they were out that morning to pick blueberries and they had found a lot of them. Both knew a lot about what nature had to offer. And Jack is also a licened hunter. He showed me some pictures from what he had catched and that was very impressing.

Jack also told me about a patch what would run uphill and from there you should have a beautifull view over the North West Arm . The next day I took my bag with a bottle of water and some healthy snacks and went at there cabin ashore. Jack showed me the beginning of the trail and I took of. But very soon there was not a patch to see anymore. But that didn’t matter to me I keep on going and found my way up . And indeed from there you have beautiful view. Before I went down again I put some stones together to make a mark. Who know’s maybe I come back one day and then I can have alook if it still there.

Grey River

The map to show where Grey River is in Newfoundland.

Here is a chart from what I sailed in Grey River.

Why I didn’t want to go alongside what because of the big tyers what are hanging at the ferry dock. Whith high tide they are just underwater so Mylady would had gone over them with her side and maybe got damaged under the waterline. If you want to go alongside then do it when the tyers are vissible.

As I mentioned in my last post I made the dinghy ready and went ashore. On the outside of the ferry dock I found a good and safe place for my dinghy.When I was looking around on the ferry dock some people were there and they knew I was from the sailboat and asked me the normal questions like “ where I was froma nd if had been here before “ . The atmosphere I noticed here was what I rembermbered from Newfoundland. While I had a chat with the people I asked them how many people lived in Grey River. There was a bit of a discussion among them about that. One said it would be 60 but according an other it was 90 . All in al the village was still well alive. The school was down to 12 kids only. Yes also here in Grey River the avarage age is above 65.

But after most of the people left to go on with what they were doing I went for a walk. The village is build on a small “ flat “ piece of land and is full. They cann’t build anymore houses. The village is a nice and clean spot. And there is the usual general store. And near the harbour among the houses is the power plant.

In the mean time the wind had pick up and Mylady was danching around with the wind from the south against the current from tide that was outgoing. When I came back on board I made her ready and took the anchor up and left for the North West Arm. The wind was strong blowing from behind. I rolled out the genua and switched of the engine and sailed nicely along. Around 17.20 on August 15 the anchor was in and I had a nice and quiet spot.

The next day after the coffe and breakfast I picked up the anchor and went underway to the head of the North East Arm . Again I could sail . The reason I left this day was that the sun was out and here the weather change fast and when it rains and the fog is there then you mis all of the beauty. At the head of the this arm there was a lot on the go. A helicopter came and went a few times. I dropped anchor and had a look at the rapid . It was not the most beautiful spot and I decided to go back to the North West Arm where I dropped anchor around 18.45 lt.

The next day was agin a very sunny day.In one of the corners of the North West Arm is a rapid and this day I took the dinghy and went over there to have a look. Due to the amount of rain that had fallen there was enough life in the rapid

Almost everybody that lives on this coast has a cabin somewhere. They use the caabin who they can reach by boat as aholiday home or just for a day trip ar a weekend trip . On the pictures you see some of those cabins.

After a few days in the North West Arm I picked up the anchor and went to the South East Arm . The wind was oke for a nice sail on the genua. Again I went between high cliffs. The weather was so so but it was dry and visibility oke. For a big part the SE arm is deep but all the way in the back you can drop the hook and then you have a beautiful view over the whole arm. That afternoon it became wett and visibily went down but that gave some special pictures. The next day the wind forecast was westerly 25 knots what is for the SE arm not a good wind at all because then the anchorage would become a lee shore.

I made the boat ready and I left , heading back for the North West arm were I dropped anchor anchor again that afternoon. While I was back there I finally met Jack and Ruby Lushman. They have a cabin in that arm what is more then 50 years old and in the summer they spent a lot of time there. More about them and there story regarding them and me in the next post .

Below pictures of a beautiful , peaceful evening in the NW arm.

On August 22 at 10.00 I had to boat ready for my sail to Ramea. After I had the anchor up I went as close as possible to the cabin from Jack and Ruby to say them goodby.