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A posts  in ” blog ” named ” Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas” and  “St Augustine till Cape Canaveral” and  ” St Marys till Pine Island” and  “Sailing off shore from Beaufort NC to Cumberland Island, Georgia.” and  ” From Great Bridge to Oriental and out on the ocean going south” .

Under the tab ”  Video ” are several nice small video’s .  

Under the tab ” About ” is a slideshow with pictures of the cockpit and the inside of Mylady. This slide is updated with pictures after the upholstery change. 

Under the tab ” Skipper ” you find all the information about Eelco the skipper and owner.

  • Nearly every day I write a small note telling where I am and what I am doing on my Facebook page. You can find me under ” Eelco Fransen ” or ” sailmylady “.

In ” Gallery ”  there is a new storry about  the ” Dry Toilet on board Mylady ” and the water maker on board Mylady ” and ”  Making Home brew Beer aboard Mylady  ” and before that story there was the story about ”  Making coffee aboard Mylady on a special way ” .  In the subfolder under ” Gallery ” what is called ” Technical ” there is a info and a slide show about The nav corner can be changed to a working bench,  Painting the deck near the anchor chain locker, The anchorchain aboard Mylady , New home build Starboard / Port light on the bow and Maintenance on Maxwell HRC10 anchorwinch

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